A unique spirit of conviviality

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If you have heard of the PY1 Pyramid in the Old Port of Montreal, you no doubt know that it was created by Guy Laliberté. You should also know that I have been working for her as a make-up artist since the opening of the box. It’s so pleasant that I can’t believe I’m at work. This is why I thought about writing this blog called the PY1 effect.

In my humble opinion, living the PY1 experience is like being invited to Guy’s party with his friends and his team of multidisciplinary artists and professionals performing their prowess so that you can fully enjoy the PY1 effect.

It’s simple, if you take the trouble to prepare for such an invitation, you will feel like you’re travelling for an exceptional outing, because everything has been designed to create a unique spirit of conviviality. The environment and technological infrastructure combined with the complicity of employees who are artists in their respective fields are all part of the strategy aimed at stimulating enthusiasm. The PY1 effect is to integrate animation elements such as make-up and airbrushing, which are offered free of charge to set the tone for the themes proposed by Sarah Broomley and Yerko.

Far beyond being a simple spectator, you will have the opportunity to be part of a show where the power of attraction and energy vibrate to the rhythm of the guest DJ(s). Who knows, you might even get a chance to meet Guy Laliberté, since he often performs on stage as a DJ. Wow! The magic is always there! (costumes, accompanied by the make-up artists of the Thaly Agency).

Once at the pyramid, you can sip a cocktail with friends, go through the hands of the airbrush artists and enjoy make-up made with airbrush by expert artists. Make-up made with airbrush using stencils specially chosen FOR YOU can be easily applied and removed in a few minutes, as they are made with water. Make-up stations are installed on site and this service is free of charge. Enjoy it, your photos will be beautiful. What wonderful memories!

Above all, don’t miss the chance to have such an experience, the one I call the PY1 effect. Remember, the Pyramid is not designed to remain there permanently… Hurry, invite parents and friends before the end of the summer season; alone or in a group, I guarantee you, you will be charmed by the warm and fiery atmosphere that reigns on site. Needless to say, the costs are very affordable.

Nathalie Legault
Founder of the Thaly Agency

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