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If you want to fill your skin with pure meaning, inspire yourself or just show your fanaticism, this is a great idea.

One of the tattoos that are considered film tattoo are those that are armor, because they are a sign of warrior and a statement of strength, courage and heroism.

Bring these designs makes your skin look real art for the possibilities they offer. There are many models that are recognized as a great film tattoo that will surely give you the desire to run out and paint your body.

What do armor tattoos mean?

Tattooing an armor becomes a physical representation of a metaphoric armor used by people, who seek to symbolize a hardening against a trauma or tragedy experienced in the past.

A tattoo of armor usually shows courage, courage and audacity. Some also consider that it works as protection against force or violence, so you do not need just an armor to have a film tattoo design.

There are many different types of armors that work well in tattoo design, coming from many different cultures. There are gladiator armors, which are a symbol of Roman warriors, or Japanese samurai.

Armor designs

These tattoos are usually large pieces that extend along the biceps and chest or that cover the entire shoulder, although any area of the body is appropriate, it is a large film tattoo.

Regardless of the specific armor style selected, there are elements that allow you to build a more detailed and intricate piece. Numerous symbols can be added to the armor, depending on the culture from which it is derived, designed to appear stamped on the metal.

They are added blood or wounds in dark and bright red tones that symbolize the battle, nothing better for a film tattoo. The armor may be battered or worn, but it can also be designed to appear under the torn skin or reveal the warrior inside.

Armor tattoo variations

Some of the styles of armor that are tattooed, especially in men, are the following: Armor tattoo on the shoulder. It is the most common piece of armor and is made in different styles without painting the entire body.

Viking armor tattoo. Ideal for a film tattoo for those who have Scandinavian heritage and want to show this interesting culture. Samurai armor tattoo. The armor of these fighters was beautiful and exclusive, for which it offers spectacular designs.

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