Kids tattoo and samurai

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The kids tattoo are an excellent idea for the little ones in the house. And for lovers of Japanese culture we have good news: The samurai tattoos are here to stay.

Is that the symbolism and qualities of these fascinating warriors, belonging to the military elite of Japan, have inspired the most delirious designs that can be in the world of tattoos and that is why he has entered among the favorites of the kids tattoo.

Understanding them better requires a brief trip to the past. Right in the tenth century Japan, when these powerful men served the emperor and the nobility, until in number they were growing to conform their own dynasty with standards, codes of ethics and properly established behavior.

They were faithful defenders of a set of values such as loyalty, honesty, honor, courage, rectitude, benevolence, respect and rectitude, considering them as the best way to lead all their warriors for the good. This was called Bashido.

They stood out for their iron or leather armor; better yet, for their katanas, species of sabers that in combat were held by both hands. These famous swords quickly became an icon of samurai, popular Japanese culture and a source of inspiration for tattoos today.

It can also be said that knowing that death was the safest thing that human beings have, more if it was a warrior at the service of the people, they made “el ahora” (the now) famous as a motto.

Characteristics of samurai tattoos

There are many reasons why a person decides to record a samurai on his body. And one of them is that they represent courage, justice and honor. In short, these qualities are so appreciated that tattooing them on the body is paying homage to the warriors who proclaimed them.

The Bashido also reflected characteristics such as discipline, nobility and sacrifice, which has undoubtedly led more than one person to wear these samurai signs on the skin of any part of the body.

Who would not want to be related to these symbols so connoted? Although without studying symbologies and historical background, the tattoos of these warriors are only beautiful and call attention, so this would be one of the main reasons for us to decide that it is the best option for kids tattoo.

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