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You want to go out, celebrate…. Have you ever decided on the place, theme, Halloween costume and accessories you dream of wearing to inhabit your character? For those who don’t know where to start, it is possible to find photo banks on the Internet (Pinterest, Instagram, google, Bing, YouTube). This will allow you to specify the type of character and make-up that inspires you while leaving room for your creativity. Once you have identified the desired character, you can explore the videos on the internet and find costume, make-up and color models that will help you stand out. Are you ready to invest time to present yourself in a costume and make-up that will catch more than one eye?

In this article, you will mainly find Tips and Tricks for a Halloween outing that you and your loved ones will remember for a long time. The preparation, theme and identification of the steps as well as the make-up products and support resources seem essential to me to support you in your project. If you choose to make your costume and make-up yourself, bravo for daring to do it! After consulting the sources, finding your theme and planning your work in steps, go ahead according to your budget.

First, let the imagination work by having fun drawing sketches of your character on a blank page with coloured pencils. It is important to trust you, to get into the shoes of your character. Feel free to invest in quality make-up products that will not damage your skin and will make your job easier. A basic make-up kit with a minimum of 5 primary colours. Four or five brushes are sufficient. Personally, I love using the following products:

#1 Aquabond’s: paint for its pigmented tones, gradation and intensity of tones, easy to apply. The whole thing can be quickly removed with water and leaves no stains!

#2 Wolf and/or Diamond fx: their white and black are unique to bring out the desired features and make a real difference in your creations!

#3 Paradise Makeup AQ Prisma Blendset allows you to quickly create small animals, tigers and unicorns, etc. You will discover Blueberry Hill, Lobster Lau and Monsoono splitcakes. For my part, Coton Candy remains my favourite.

As a make-up artist, I use Loew-Cornell brushes (series 795 White nylon Round 1-*2-3-*4-5-*6) and Mark Reid Signature brushes (#2#4#6#lily#chisel).

Other products will save you time such as Mehron make-up spray, sponges or stencils created according to your wishes, for more information contact the Thaly agency. If you can’t find the time to carry out your project, don’t forget to contact a specialized costume shop. To this end, you can visit, to get an idea of the possible services that offer competitive prices for costumes and professional make-up. Suggestions for specialized sites to visit: ;;

You still have questions for make-up do not hesitate to contact us by email with a description of the desired role and your objective for the said event at: I will be happy to answer you through my YouTube channel. Feel free to leave me your comments and enjoy my page. Nathalie Legault, make-up artist.

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