The artist creates beautiful art using makeup applied with a smooth airstream using stencils.
Color gradations are impressive! The equipment necessary is comprised of compressor, airbrush, water-base makeup and a choice of more than 3000 stencils. Themes, makeup, colors and stencils can all be custom-made. A child’s or adult’s face, the belly of a pregnant woman or an entire body can all be canvas for living art created by our artists.

Airbrush makeup allows for an impeccable finish created with a «natural look» stream. A soft stream on your skin will deposit color pigments that will create the desired makeup. Depending on your needs, water or alcohol base makeup are available. For children, stencils can be chosen from a wide variety of images such as superhero, animals, original patterns, etc.

With airbrush makeup, touch-ups are not necessary before at least 12 hours, and you barely feel the makeup on your skin. Additionally, it doesn’t contain any oil, is non comedogenic and doesn’t obstruct the skin pores.

Private : Children’s birthday, Halloween party, Bat Mitsva & Bar Mitsva, family reunion

Corporate : Festivals, raves, product launch, school activities, fairs, concerts, clubs, neighborhood or camping party, sports tournaments


195$ for 3 hours

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