For any event, such as festivals, carnivals, family reunions, Agence Thaly stands out by the quality and diversity of our services.

The agency has participated in events such as : Festival International des Nuits d’Afrique de Montréal, Festival Osheaga (makeup & airbrush temporary tattoos), Festival International de Jazz de Montréal, Festival International de Merengue de Montréal, Festival Juste pour Rire, Black & Blue, Bal en Blanc, Les Week-ends du Monde, Divers/Cité, Marche des zombies de Montréal and other municipal events such as St-Jean Baptiste, Fairs and neighborhood parties.

We offer a custom-made stencil service. We can create a stencil of your festival or event’s logo that can be used to make temporary tattoos.

We carry of variety of ink : fluorescent, colors, black & white and ink to glow under black lights for evening festivals


Contact us directly at the agency at 514 993-6179.

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