All our temporary tattoos are created using only high-end professional products such as AquaBond’s, Endura, Pro Aiir.  


Using superimposed stencils, the makeup artist creates temporary tattoos applied with an airbrush gun. The gradations are impressive! The material needed is composed of a compressor, airbrush gun, a compressed air tank, water or alcohol base inks and a choice of more than 3000 stencils.

We also offer a custom-made stencil service. Click here for more info

Temporary tattoos are done in less than one minute and dry immediately. The ink or makeup is applied using stencils and airbrush

Different types of temporary tattoos :

Tattoo made with makeup (recommended for young children and people who want to
remove their tattoo the same day)
Temporary tattoo – Ink lasting between 3 to 5 days
Temporary tattoo – Water resistant ink, lasting between 10 and 12 days depending on its location and care

You can remove any temporary tattoo with baby oil or rubbing alcohol. For special events, we also have water resistant products which can be removed with special products that we carry in our shop.


Offer your guests something different and exciting! Book the services of a temporary tattoo artist to render your event even more special. Kids and adults will love it and will talk about it for a long time.

  • Birthdays
  • Family Reunions, Mitzvah bar
  • Kids birthdays
  • Graduations, Sweet 16
  • Baby Shower, Baptism
  • Engagement party, Bridal shower, wedding
  • Christmas, New Years’ Eve
  • Neighborhood party, camping party
  • School events
  • Private party
  • Beach party
  • Mothers’ Day & Fathers ‘Day
  • Tournaments
  • Fairs
  • Festivals, Carnivals
  • Concerts
  • Halloween party, costumed party
  • Nightclubs, Raves


195$ for 12 children and less.

Contact us directly at the Agency at 514 993-6179.

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