Temporary tattoos, for children and family

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Temporary tattoos for kids are more loved for the reason that they do not remain forever, which is why both parents and children prefer these tattoos as much as ink tattoos. At a time when tattooing is totally common, some people do not hesitate to have their children’s drawings duplicated on their bodies.

The largest selection of temporary tattoos at unbeatable prices. These custom temporary tattoos make a fun addition to any event or occasion. Like makeup, tattooing is also a fun activity that will allow children to transform for a snack or evening. In addition, we can create the template of your choice using an image, photo or idea you have in mind. We can create a custom design according to the theme of your evening, prepared in advance.

While it is always very important to think carefully before getting a skin tattoo, it is even more important when it comes to tattooing your child. When children decide to celebrate, it is often an opportunity for them to change their physical appearance by imitating adults. With our tattoos, children will be able to transform their appearance and wear their favorite designs.

Makeup tattoo (recommended for young children and people who want to remove their tattoo the same day) Temporary tattoos are done in less than a minute and dried immediately. You can have different types of temporary tattoos, according to your needs from those that have a longer duration with the passage of time and depending on the care given and others who want them only for a party and are easier to remove so as not to damage your skin when wanting to remove it.

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