On sale for a limited time! Cinema Secrets No-Glue Horns require no glue, adhesives, or makeup to look great. The horns sit over the hair and tie around the head with near-invisible cords.DirectionsShort Hair 1. Place the horns on your head in the desired position. Pull the cord firmly around the back of the head until cord is taut and horns are firmly in place and comfortable. 2. Once cord and horns are positioned, use your fingertips to firmly hold the two ends of the cord together against your head where they meet. Remove horns from your head and use a pen or marker to mark the point where the cords meet (this is where cord gets knotted). 3. Tie cords together with a knot, lining up knot with pen mark. Pull the cord tightly to avoid slippage. (For more security, make a second knot over the first.) 4. Replace horns on your head and check for a snug, comfortable fit. Re-knot if necessary. Trim excess cord and adjust horns to desired position as necessary. Use a brush or comb to style hair over the cord to hide. Long Hair 5. Follow Steps 1 through 4. Before final positioning of the horns, create a part to separate hair on either side of the cord: Brush or comb hair forward, away from the cord, and pull it back into a ponytail. (When styled, the hair will conceal the cord.) 6. Make final adjustments to the horn position, then remove ponytail holders and style hair over the cord to hide.

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